NUTs At StreamingSoundTracks  


ASIN is an unique number which SST uses to identify a certain album. You can find this number on the album details at StreamingSoundTracks.
When you have an album with no ASIN (N/A) look at the url and enter what is behind asin=.
(like in, enter WhenLoveWalksIn)

Add an album

If you want to add an album which has unplayed tracks, enter the ASIN and album title.
You can also check 'Add to RAT' if the album has less than 10 votes.
Click on Add Album

Delete an album

When you want to delete an album which do not have any unplayed tracks anymore, enter ASIN number and click Delete Album.

The list

You can search with part of the album title or ASIN.

Click on the album title to see the track listing at StreamingSoundTracks.
When you see a star before the album title, it means it is also in the RAT list.